mPoint Business app is the smartest way to grow your business. It helps small to mid sized merchants to get new customers and earn more profits. Campaigns is a feature on mPoint Business app that allows you to send offers and promotions to thousands of nearby customers via SMS.

Here are 3 core benefits of campaigns

Promote your business easily

Connect with relevant customers in your neighbourhood on a regular basis

Get value for money

Choose a budget to reach out to the number of customers you want to target

Build customer loyalty

Inform your customers about attractive

deal & offers via SMS

With mPoint Business you
can empower yourself to battle against big retail giants


Create your campaign in 4 easy steps.

It’s quick and easy

Select your store

Select the store you want to promote

Select customer profile

Select Type & Number of customers you want

Compose SMS

Choose SMS message from the list or create your own

Launch campaigns

Verify & Pay to send SMSes to nearby customers


What’s more?

On mPoint Business app, you can receive payments from customers of 19 banks who have reward points worth crores in their bank loyalty account. mPoint gives them the option of converting these reward points into cash and pay you against their purchases, while you receive the full payment in your bank account instantly.

So, why wait?

Download the mPoint Business app now for FREE and make your business more profitable.

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